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    This week certainly began with a downhearted stretch, as Grouper and Damien Rice released new songs that were a bit gloomy. Throw into the mix Vince Staple’s new cut about police brutality and you might start to get a bit depressed. But, through all the darkness, some songs did shine through. For instance, Chief Keef let us all know about his 24s and Sweater Beats enhanced Flume and Chet Faker’s “Drop the Game”. Regardless of the atmosphere, this week had a fantastic collection of new songs. Read More
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The 10 Best Songs of the Week

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2014 is the year of stoner metal resurgence. First, stalwarts Sleep returned with a bongload of a new track, now British grime enthusiasts Electric Wizard emerge after five years lost in the smoke. “SadioWitch” is nicely at home within the band’s canon—crusty doom caked with snotty, snarled vocals. While most Electric Wizard tracks reach double digits, this song is a get-in-and-out quick burn that doesn’t waste any time with setting the aesthetics. I’m not sure what makes this time right for the lumbering, eternally red-eyed bands to return, but it’s a nice counter point to the feel good hits of the summer currently clogging the airwaves.