DJ Rashad + DJ Spinn in Monterrey, Mexico

DJ Rashad DJ Spinn Documentary
06/10/2014 presents a March weekend in Mexico with Rashad Harden alongside childhood friend and collaborator, Morris Harper (AKA DJ Spinn). The short documentary, DJ Rashad + DJ Spinn: Teklife in Monterrey, is an intimate black-and-white affair that follows the two Chicago juke/footwork producers “catching the real life,” as Rashad puts it, in the lead-up to their set for Monterrey’s Festival NRMAL.

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Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary 20 Years Later

I’m still married to my pain.

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At War With the Body, At War With Time

At War With the Body
Early this weekend, UK dubstep royalty—including Kode9, Mala and Kahn—posted a link to a cryptic site. The webpage features an animated clock, with serpentine hands and a bullet-shell frame. Beneath this graphic, a bold caption juts out “at war with the body, at war with time,” beside an unexplained date: June 12th, 2014 (note: the site uses the non-American little-endian date format).

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“Study Music” Vol. 1

“Music is a friend of labor, for it lightens the task by refreshing the nerves and spirit of the worker.” – William Green, former American Federation of Labor president

“It’s Finals Week somewhere.” – Jimmy Buffet

Oh, how we students toil through bleary-eyed all-nighters buried in empty Ruffles bags and Red Bull cans. Popping Adderall like Tic-Tacs, mainlining coffee—how do you get all of the information inside your head that you need for the test? Because you gotta make the grade to stand out, to get a degree, to start a career, to attract a mate, to cement a legacy (for you want someone, anyone to remember your name after you die). That’s a lot of pressure on one time in your life. Sometimes—fairly easily—our brains check or fizzle out, putter to a stop when we need that runner’s kick when studying foreign material. That’s where music comes in. The right combination of sound and sensory information can aid the study process when that eighth pot of coffee (or that eighth of pot) doesn’t seem to be working. The jury’s still out on its definite helpfulness, but presented below are selections that, while they may or may not help with the big test, evoke elements of the subject matter you’re busy cramming until the minute before.

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DJ Rashad

DJ Rashad
One of Chicago’s brightest lights has extinguished. Over the last weekend, DJ Rashad passed away in the city’s Lower West Side.

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13 Times Solo Artists Outshined Their Bands

It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s just be friends. This just isn’t working out.

Sometimes it’s in the interest of everyone involved to spend some time apart, even if it’s just for a little while. Not all artists on this list are permanently estranged from his or her band, but this list is a compilation of times when being on your lonesome produced something a bit more magical. In the interest of staying contemporary and relevant, only music released in the 21st century is considered for this list, otherwise “Heart of Gold,” duh.

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'Forever This Time': Jason Isbell's New Perspective

Jason Isbell
The singer and songwriter has reinvented his sound, his live presence, and himself.

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