Artist: Jay Electronica

During his performance at AAHH! Fest in Chicago, Common brought out Jay Electronica and Vince Staples to perform the remix of "Kingdom", which originally solely featured Staples. Now, the Chicago rapper has shared the remix's official audio. Listen to it below. "Kingdom" originally appeared on Common's latest album, Nobody's Smiling.
Even with Jay Z and Beyoncé co-headling the On the Run tour, it's a bit of a surprise he had time to drop in on this year's Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Jay Electronica brought out Jay Z during his set, performing "Young Gifted & Black", "We Made It", "Shiny Suit Theory", and "P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement)". Watch them below via
The ramification's of Big Sean's "Control" are stealing being felt across the Internet. Today, Jay Electronica was asked on Twitter to rank the various verses on the track, MTV reports. Electronica claimed that his verse was the best, followed by Big Sean's, and then Kendrick's.
Jay Electronica has been more active lately (2 tracks in the last two weeks) than he has been in the last two years. After releasing a brand new track titled "Better in Tune with the Infinite", he has returned with a remix of Drake's "We Made It" (which is actually a remix itself of a Soulja Boy track). Listen to the track below.
While we're still eagerly awaiting Jay Electronica's album, he's decided to bless us with a new track. The track, which is titled "Better in Tune With the Infinite", features spoken word samples from The Wizard of Oz and National of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. Listen to the track below.
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