Artist: The Electric Prunes

When choosing records from the massive pile covered in dust, one has to consider what exactly they’re looking for. Do they want a standard three-minute passing love song, or something that tears away at their insides, making the ground come alive and breathe? Picking my top 10 psych records was a heavy task dwelled upon for several weeks using grave concern and dynamite precision. I am, after all, a music addict. And like any music addict, I’ve dug deep, scouring the stacks for the cloudy wax cuts that demand a little extra attention.These aren’t your mother’s standard, run-o-the-mill records, or even your father’s damp-basement, smoke-filled meditations. These are the deep cuts, rare gems, unsavory, garage-ridden, echo-filled anthems to long-dead, flower-filled summers of love, loss and contagious pop with just enough grungy, punk overtones and careless ramblings to keep even the most tweaked-out of weary travelers contented by their shifting surroundings. Here lies a list of luscious psychedelic albums from an era oversaturated with moody, colorful, transcendentalists and dry-mouthed freethinkers, lost somewhere in the midst of their next epiphany.