Artist: Weezer

On October 7, Weezer will release their new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. In anticipation, they've shared a new cut off the album titled "Cleopatra". Listen to it below.
In September, the indomitable alt-rock act will release Everything Will Be Alright In the End, their ninth studio album. Its first single, “Back to the Shack”, gives hope (albeit only a small amount) that there may be a return to form on the upcoming record. Will Everything Will Be Alright In the End take Weezer back to a listenable realm? Despite his years as the contrarian, it seems like Rivers Cuomo is finally entertaining the notion that the band’s early period was their heyday. The single includes ultra-personal lyrics, and the album itself is being helmed by Blue and Green producer Ric Ocasek. While the song isn’t perfect—it’s still a bit too corny and the production is greasy sleek—it’s miles better than anything they’ve done since long before they started hanging out that guy from Lost.
Detail's of Weezer's new record, Everything Will Be Alright In the End, have been consistently coming out, with each new piece of information on every "Weezer Wednesday". In the most recent event, the band announced September 30 as the release date for the album. In addition, they also previewed a song titled "Return to Ithaca", which can be heard in the video below.
Above is the cover art for Everything Will Be Alright in the End, Weezer's first album since 2010's Hurley. The artwork was revealed in a teaser, which can be watched below.
Real Estate recently filmed a live session for La Blogothèque. Clocking in at nearly 30 minutes, the session features frontman Martin Courtney, guitarist Matt Modanile, and bassist Alex Bleeker playing in quiet, low-key setting. The band played music off their recent album Atlas, as well as debuted a new song titled "White Light", which is expected to be the B-side on a future single. Around the 17:00 minute mark, the band also covered Weezer's infamous "Say It Ain't So". Watch the video in its entirety below.
This week’s list is a revival of sorts for a few veteran indie rock outfits. For Spoon, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard any music at all from them, nonetheless good music. Along those same lines, The Rentals are back in a big way with their “Thought of Sound” heightening the anticipation for their first LP since 1999. Regardless of their band’s start date, each of these artists has had their hand in crafting quality songs that stood above the rest in a week that saw a lot of significant releases.