Shelby Tatomir

Reading and writing are my roots, making music, design, and photography sprouting branches of special interests that I am always striving to cultivate.
Geneviève Ballemare’s music is soulful, creating visions of sultry, sensual emotions. As a singer and an artist, she comes across as nakedly honest and slightly intimidating. She’s as bold in her social media as she is with her voice, making theatrical statements to the tune of, “I live and die, I live and die.” Though she’s as organic and creative as they come, this impression she’s cultivated didn't happen by chance. “I do try to give off the image that I am confident behind the camera and that I enjoy being behind it,” Bellemare says. “I absolutely hate the camera, it is something I am really trying to work on getting over. But I don't want anyone to know I feel that way by looking at my face in the picture. I would say it's me trying to find what my persona is in the pictures.” Almost all artists today need a lifestyle or persona to back up the imagery they convey in their sound, and Bellemare understands and embraces it.
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