Stream: Banks' Goddess

R&B singer Banks' new album, Goddess, is out this week via Harvest Records. The record features production credits from Shlomo, Lil Silva, Al Shux, Totally Extinct Dinosaurs, and a few others. Now, listeners can stream the album in its entirety below.


01 Alibi
02 Goddess
03 Waiting
04 Brain
05 This Is What It Feels Like
06 You Should Know Where I’m Coming From
07 Stick
08 Fuck Em Only We Know
09 Drowning
10 Beggin for Thread
11 Change
12 Someone New
13 Warm Water
14 Under the Table
15 And I Drove You Crazy *
16 Bedroom Wall *
17 Fall Over *
18 Before I Ever Met You *

* = deluxe edition

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