Stream: The Rural Alberta Advantage’s Mended With Gold

The Rural Alberta Advantage
Next week, Canadian folk band The Rural Alberta Advantage will release their third album, Mended With Gold, via Saddle Creek. A press release describes the album as the “most fully-realized work of their career.” Additionally, “The Rural Alberta Advantage have taken all of their successes, losses, adventures, and heartbreaks over the past few years, and forged them together into an unforgettably powerful work of beauty.” In anticipation of its release, the record in its entirety is streaming below via Spotify.

Keyboardist and vocalist Amy Cole had this to say:

We spent this past winter both touring and writing. We’d never combined the two before. We’d try out a new song live on stage, listen to the recording of that performance the next day in the van and then repeat the whole process again the next night. I think you can really hear how the three of us came together to shape the songs on this record.

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