Listen: Deafheaven's "From the Kettle Onto the Coil"

Deafheaven From the Kettle Onto the Corn
Deafheaven has shared "From the Kettle Onto the Coil", a track they had only performed live at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Now, it has been released as part of an Adult Swim Summer Singles series. It'll be available for download here on August 25. Listen to the new track below.

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Listen: Clipping. Responds to Ferguson Situation With "Knees On the Ground"

Clipping Knees on the Ground
California noise-rap group clipping. have responded to the last two weeks of police and protester clashing in Ferguson, Missouri. The song, titled "Knees on the Ground", follows the usual clipping. formula by utilizing a fictional scenario and building towards a fierce conclusion. This time around, everyone knows exactly what they're talking about. Listen to the track and read some comments from producer William Huston about it below.

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Listen: James Blake's "200 Press"

James Blake
James Blake shared a new song, "200 Press", on BBC Radio 1. According to Blake, the song was given its title because "only 200 are going to be pressed up". Listen to this mix over at BBC; "200 Press" begins at the 30:52 mark. In the episode, Blake also joked an encouraged viewers to question whether or not having your tonsils results in developing a whispery voice, pressing viewers to call "1-800-USELESS-CONVERSATION" to voice their opinion.

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Listen: The Rural Alberta Advantage's "On the Rocks"

The Rural Alberta Advantage Mended With Gold
For the creation of The Rural Alberta Advantage’s new album, Mended With Gold, frontman Nils Edenloff went off to a cabin in the woods, pondering the band's past and, apparently, sleeping with a pocketknife or protection from bears. According to a press release, Edenloff's writing eventually came to the conclusion that “the breakage and repair of an object becomes part of its unique history and ultimately makes it more valuable instead of a blemish to disguise".

The band's newest single, "On the Rocks", is a pure, understated display of emotion, highlighted by Edenloff's longing voice. Listen to the new track and check out Mended With Gold's tracklist below.

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Listen: Interpol's "Ancient Ways"

Interpol El Pintor
Interpol's forthcoming record, El Pintor, will be released on September 9 via Matador. In anticipation, Interpol has shared their new track "Ancient Ways", which follows "All the Rage Back Home" and "Anywhere". Listen to it below.

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Listen: Caribou's "Our Love"

Caribou Our Love
Caribou, aka Dan Snaith, is expected to release his new album, Our Love, on October 7 via Merge. We've already heard the fantastic "Can't Do Without You", and now he's shared the title track. Listen to it below.

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Listen: Electric Würms' “Transform”

Electric Würms Transform
Electric Würms, comprised of the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Stephen Drodz, is the left field outlet for the group members, usually highlighting their more eccentric ideas. Their new EP, Musik Die Shwer Zu Twerk, is due out sometime soon. You can hear their new track, "Transform", below.

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